“Denticija” laboratory

“Denticija” Dental laboratory

The newly established company JSC “Denticija” Dental Laboratory.Ltd., located in Vilnius str. 25 in Vilnius, can boast for the highest quality works, precision with producing dental prostheses and orthodontic devices, and attention to each client or patient.


Our laboratory products

Dental prostheses produced by ZFX scanner

There is no secret that in prosthodontics both - patients and dentists always expect new technologies, better and more comfortable denture techniques. The restorations in “Denticija" dental laboratory are produced using the ZFX scanner. This is one of the newest and most progressive manufacturing methods of indirect restorations to date.

Metal-free ceramics

It is a complex work requiring concentration, accuracy and ultra-high-tech preparation to precisely restore human teeth. Using metal-free ceramic, crowns, bridges, onlays, and veneers are made for the patients. Restorations are also produced by milling.

Metal ceramics

The core of this dental restoration is made of a metal, which is covered with porcelain (ceramic) coating. That is why this principle made restorations are called metal-ceramic prostheses.

Ceramic veneers

Dental ceramics is used in manufacture of ceramic veneers. These are special, very thin plates, made of transparent ceramics. Veneers are fixed to the teeth using special cements. If you choose veneers, it is possible to completely change a smile, tooth color, shape, and to restore chewing function.

Inlays and onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are considered to be a certain kind of fillings. They are made in dental laboratories, by taking the impression from the teeth that are prepared for restoration. Inlays are used to restore tooth lesions in fissures and holes, also may include contact surfaces.

Dental plates

Dental plates are called removable dentures. Dentures can be partial and full jaw. Usually they are used when it is impossible to produce a dental bridge. It is also often adapted for the temporary reconstruction of tooth defect after a tooth extraction, while planning further treatment.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be made from both metal-free ceramic and metal ceramics.

Arch supported prostheses

Dental technicians of “Denticija” dental laboratory can produce a variety of complex arch supported prostheses: having cast wires or locks.

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